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Teagan’s Birth Story: Part One

I woke up on the morning of Wednesday, June 15th feeling completely fine. Ironically, the last few weeks of my pregnancy were the only times I truly felt comfortable. My nausea had gone away, I was sleeping well, I had energy. Since the start of being able to feel movements inside my belly, Teagan always had her days and nights figured out. She would kick all day long and sleep at night.

Her official due date was Sunday, June 19th but I had an induction date set for Tuesday June 21st if she didn’t make her arrival before. I headed to work on the 15th just like I normally would. By 10am it occurred to me that I hadn’t really felt her kick at all that morning but I thought I might have been crazy so I ate something sweet and drank some orange juice just to try to get her to move around or wake up.

By 11am, still no movement so I gave my doctors office a call but of course they were closed for lunch hours so I had to leave a message. An hour and a half later I still hadn’t heard anything so I gave them a call back. The nurse asked me all the normal questions, asked what I had eaten and so on. Since Teagan was typically a very active baby and none of the normal tricks were working she said the doctor wanted me to head to the birthing inn (hospital) to get checked out. I had been there several weeks before with some pre term labor symptoms so I knew the drill.

I headed home first and made some work phone calls. My sister was there watching a friend’s baby so we hung out for a little. Honestly, I was nervous due to her lack of activity but oddly enough I was acting pretty calm. I even told Cary I thought everything was going to be fine so just to stay at work and if anything happened I would let him know. I got to the hospital about 2pm and they got me all hooked up.

Everything looked fine, her heartbeat was good…until it wasn’t. Her heart rate dropped from 140bpm down to 80bpm. It only lasted a short time but it happened several more times. Enough for the nurse to go ahead and call my doctor. He came in, checked me, and wanted to send me downstairs for a full ultrasound to make sure she had enough fluid in there.

He seemed concerned and I remember feeling really scared for both of us. That little girl and I had already been through so much, I couldn’t bear the thought of something happening to her. It seemed like hours before someone came to get me for the ultrasound. At that point I called Cary and he was on his way. Turned out everything with the ultrasound looked just fine, they even said they could tell she had some hair. After that I felt pretty relaxed.

When I was taken back up to triage, Cary had made it. A while later the doctor came in to check me and go over all the results with me. I was about a centimeter dilated but he said my cervix still hadn’t softened up much. To me that told me it wasn’t time. She wasn’t ready. The doctor started talking more and said he was on call Saturday and asked if we wanted to come in and start the induction then. I felt all the blood leave my face and could feel my body start to sweat. Meanwhile Cary was like “but it’s our last weekend…” at the time I was like seriously Cary, but now I’m like damn he was so right.

Then the doctor said “actually I think we need to get you set up tonight.” WHAT? He began his rationale that her heart rate dropping so much wasn’t something he liked to see and explained how he can’t monitor us at home and he didn’t want to take any chances. It made sense but I was terrified. I had been there all day and at that point so mentally and physically exhausted I asked if we could go home and get our stuff and some dinner.

He explained that I had to stay there and that they were already getting my room set it in labor and delivery. I don’t remember another time in my life where I felt as scared as I did in that moment. Scared because he was worried about Teagan enough to want to get her out sooner than later. Scared of starting labor and the pain. Scared of giving birth. Scared at the possibility of a C-section. My mind was racing and I couldn’t stop. I was terrified of every unknown.

By this point it was about 6pm. At 6:30pm the nurse came in and put the cervidil in in an attempt to soften my cervix and get the process started on its own. She told me that I wouldn’t be able to get up for 2 hours and if nothing happened by 7am the next morning then they would start me on Pitocin.

Well less than an hour later, my contractions started. It felt like things got real really fast after that.

Stay tuned for part two 🙂


  • Cary April 17, 2017 Reply

    The suspense is killing me…What happened next?!

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