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Contemplating a Big Life Change

In July, my sister started applying to jobs down in the Atlanta suburbs and was getting a lot of interest so we decided to take a girls only road trip down there to figure out if she could actually see herself living there. I won’t lie, I didn’t have a good opinion of Atlanta, I have never been there but I just thought the whole area was full of crime, bad weather and nothing to do. Turns out, it’s actually an amazing place. Not only did my sister fall in love with the northern suburbs of Atlanta, but so did I. I fell really in love with it.

My sister is the type to up and move anywhere, while she is reserved and quiet, she is also fearless when it comes to uprooting her life. She has lived in Boise, Idaho; Radford, Virginia; Katy, Texas and is now back home teaching in Falls Church, Virginia while actively looking for her next move. While Georgia didn’t work out for this year as the timing just didn’t line up perfectly, her plan is to start applying again in the spring.

My point in bringing her story up is that it got me thinking that I’ve never really left home. I spent my first two years of college at West Virginia University but transferred to a local university about 30 minutes from where I grew up for the last two. Following graduation, I got a job in the area and have been here ever since. So I have spent the better part of my 28 years on this earth in a D.C. suburb. While it has a lot of wonderful aspects, you could say I’ve pretty much done and experienced just about everything this area has to offer.

Cary has lived all over and frankly I don’t think he is really that comfortable staying in one place for too long. When we were down in Atlanta I called him and told him I wanted to move there; I didn’t even need to give him reasons as to why he said “okay, let’s move!” That same day he asked his boss what the options of working remotely would be. Well, he’s more than proved himself and they told him it wouldn’t be much of an issue. Back before Teagan, we wrestled with the idea of moving to another state but the reality is both of us would have had to find new jobs and it just felt overwhelming at that point in time.

The only roadblock now you might ask? We own our home. And while putting it on the market and selling it seems like a no brainer, we’ve only lived here a little over a year and a half and we would just break even on it. The prices on homes in our neighborhood seem to go up every year and it just seems like a bad decision to let go of this asset.

The other thing we have been considering is renting out our home. Being a landlord literally makes me want to die. It sounds just awful because you hear horror stories but then I think of all of my close friends that were at one point renters and they took care of the places they lived as if it were their own home. I would just hope and pray we find people that have that same appreciation and respect. Since we aren’t moving for a job and solely based on wanting to live somewhere new, it would be nice to have a house to return to if it isn’t everything we hoped and dreamed it would be.

I would, of course, miss my friends and family terribly but technology is amazing and my parents love to travel but we both feel like there would be so many positives that come of it.

  1. We currently live in one of the most expensive counties in the country so getting a bigger home down the line or taking awesome vacations would mean I would likely have to go back to work. Sure, we could move further out into the country but then you are still far from your friends and family and everything else for that matter. No thank you. I’m a suburbs kind of gal, not a country kind of gal.
  2. I think growth happens when you put yourself into new, uncomfortable situations. While I am learning and growing in all sorts of ways daily, this is a different sort of growth and progress I am seeking.
  3. Exploring an entirely new state and city just seems so exciting and even more exciting when I think about taking that adventure with my two favorite humans.
  4. When I think of my life here in Virginia long term, I can see exactly where we are going. There was a point in my life where I valued the feeling of security in the day to day but I think now I see that sometimes the uncertainty in life is what is truly beautiful.

Before Teagan, Cary and I used to travel a lot. We’ve been to so many countries, cities and states together and we always said the best use of money was to see the world. Well, life is a little different now but my biggest fear is looking back in 20 years and thinking I never took any risks in life that took me out of my comfort zone and on new adventures after I had a family.

“Embrace uncertainty.

Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.”

-Bob Goff

So where does that leave us and what’s our plan? With the prime selling and renting season coming to a close we will continue to think, plan and pray over this situation. As of today, the plan is to put our house up in the April/ May timeframe and continue to learn more about the areas of Atlanta that might be best for our family.

Has anyone contemplated or made a big family move? Any advice? Any amazing areas of northern Atlanta that you’d recommend? I loved Alpharetta and Roswell but ready to get back down there and explore more!



  • Heather Cronin August 23, 2017 Reply

    Embrace the unknown! My advice is to definitely have a solid plan in place, that always helps! Lol! But seriously, moving from DC to Texas was one of the scariest but best decisions we made! The lower cost of living goes a long way! And I’m sure Atlanta is the same way, but southern hospitality is a real and amazing thing. The “mild” winters are really awesome too! I love that we can basically be outside year round.

  • Laura August 23, 2017 Reply

    Oh Girl!!!! Alpharetta is awesome, Steven lived there for 6 years & loved it till he went on vacation to San Diego. That area has grown a ton, & is so awesome! Peach Tree City is incredible too.
    We had zero plans of moving to MI-I literally already had Willow enrolled in a preschool of my dreams, in SD. But God had other plans. For me being so far from my family has been ROUGH (I think being a Ftm added to the stress & AND WINTER, I hate snow)! It takes a good amount of effort to meet moms & find quality people you can trust to care for the little–it’s an on going process.
    We too had a house, stupidly we put it on the market in September, as a result we paid for two homes for 10months. Thankfully we could & once spring came the offers came flying at us.
    I think if we didn’t come from S.Cal & transplant to the midwest, I would be enjoying a new place, new adventures & such.

    Take Cary there for a few days & definitely do it before preschool starts! 😁

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