Products I Use to Curl my Hair

The most common thing I get asked about is how I do my hair and if I can do a tutorial. I don’t feel like I’m really good enough at styling my hair to do a tutorial but I figured I would share all the hair products I use to get my curls and a few little tips. Maybe one day in the future I’ll gather enough courage to do one but until this, here is the list!

Another funny thing about people asking and commenting on my hair is that I use the cheapest products on it and my curling wand is also from college so it’s quite old and it was quite cheap.

Full disclosure, I don’t wash my hair every day, orrrr every other day. I typically average twice a week. I do wash my body though, I would like to say that. When people talk about how they only wash their hair once a week I am always wondering if that means they only shower once a week so I felt the need to put that out there.

I typically shower at night and just let my hair air dry. On the off chance, I shower in the morning or during the day, I will blow dry it. The biggest tip I have to getting more days between washes is to put dry shampoo in at your roots the first day. I know a lot of people start using it the second day after a wash but I find this helps combat oil from the very start.

I almost always try to curl my hair that first day because it seems to absorb the oils better over the course of a few days than when my hair is straight. I also think we have less tendency to touch it or put it up when it’s curled. With mom life, I know it’s hard to have your hair down but I find just clipping it half up really helps all around.

My dry shampoo is linked here. Super cheap and easy to find. I just always get it on Amazon because it’s easy.

My hairspray that I am ride or die for is literally $2. I’ve used this for over 10 years and swear by it. It’s the one my grandma has used for decades and introduced me to. It has amazing hold but doesn’t leave your hair hard. You can find it here.

My curling wand is super old but they still sell it and you can find it here. Like I said above, I’ve had this thing since college so honestly it’s probably 10 years old but this bad boy still works. My dream curling wand is the T3Micro but I’m also not about to spend hundreds of dollars at this point in my life on a curling wand. Maybe for Christmas.

My individual hairs are fine but overall my hair is pretty thick. I have a whole lot of it. Plus it’s pretty long. I timed myself wanding it start to finish this past week and it only took me a total of 7 minutes. Knowing that, you can probably find 7 minutes every 4 days to spend on yourself.

I spray all of my hair to include the underside with hair spray prior to starting. I put half up and curl the under side first. My biggest tips when it comes to the actual curling is angle it down so that the thicker part is at the top of your head and the thicker is at the ends. Curl it away from your face and leave about an inch or two out of the wand at the bottom. Otherwise you look like Shirley Temple and that’s just not a good look. After you finish the bottom half it’s up to you if you want to hairspray that again. I typically don’t but my hair holds curl pretty well. If yours doesn’t, it doesn’t hurt to give it a little spray.

Once you pull the top half down, try to brush it out a little prior to curling so it isn’t frizzy once it’s curled. Follow the same thing as above, curl away from your face and leave the bottom tip out. Once you finish give it a quick spray and then leave it.

I typically finish up whatever else I need to do for the next 10-15 minutes and let my hair set. But please, for the love of God, brush out those curls before you go anywhere. I see so many people walking around with super curly ringlet hair and I cringe.

I feel like the goal is to have a little looser curls because they just look more natural. To do this, all I do is run my fingers through my hair a few times and then try to clump some curls together to make them thicker. If you have a wide tooth comb, this would work too. Once I do that, I do a small spray all over and pat down any fly aways.

And, that’s it. It’s pretty simple. Everyday I will usually touch up the curls which takes maybe one minute just so they stay looking fresh but that’s really it. Once you start using your wand more regularly, I promise you will be able to do it in under 10 minutes every time too!

I hope this was helpful! Happy curling babes!

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