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Father’s Day Gift Guide

I’ve never done a gift guide before but I’m actually really excited for Father’s Day weekend this year. Teagan’s birthday is that Saturday and then we get to celebrate Cary on Sunday.

Cary has not only been such an amazing father to Teagan but he has been an overall rockstar throughout this pregnancy thus far with how sick I’ve been. Anytime we get to celebrate someone, I get excited.

While I think most of our guys are perfectly fine without gifts, it’s nice to be able to give them something that shows our appreciation. I got together with Cary to put together this list. Some things I love because they are more sentimental and sweet and a lot of things he loves because they are practical.

Keep in mind that these are also just gifts we would buy, I also love personalized gifts made by the kiddos!

We tried to give a good amount of price ranges while also providing a lot of things you can buy on Amazon because duh, free two day shipping!

  1. A Yeti Rambler

This is such a great gift because yeti’s are the best. Our guys are always on the go and this matte black is everything. It does come in a variety of colors and you can snag it for less than $30.

2. Yeti Coolers

While we were out shopping yesterday, we stopped and looked at the Yeti coolers and Cary had all the heart eyes. There are 3 here that I’m listing because I think it just depends on the needs of your family and guy. We loved all 3 but we both agreed the backpack on was pretty cool!

Yeti Roadie Cooler

Yeti Hopper Cooler

Yeti Hopper Backflip

3. Traeger Wood Pellet Grill

I got this for Cary’s birthday 2 years ago and honestly it was probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever given him. Wood pellet grills are a huge step above a conventional gas or charcoal grill. The food cooks more evenly, everything comes out juicier and this also gives the option to smoke food. It is a pricier gift but I promise you it will not disappoint. We use it almost every.single.night when it’s warm. They have bigger options but this is a good one to start with.

4. Custom Star Map

This one is a wonderful, more sentimental gift. You can make a custom star map from whatever day you want. The day you met, got married, the day he became a father. Completely customizable. You get the map for $60 and can find a good deal on frames at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or A.C. Moore.

5. Rainstone Diffuser Starter Kit

If you and your family are into essential oils, this is a great diffuser to get for your guy. Cary is actually the one that said he wanted this diffuser. It’s pricey on it’s own so it honestly just makes sense to get it in the starter kit so you get all the oils as well. If you are already a Young Living Member, you can get this via Quick Order. If you are not and want to become one, sign up here and select the Rainstone Diffuser Starter Kit option under the tab “Other Premium Kits”.

6. The Man Roller Collection

Continuing with the essential oil theme. Cary really enjoys using rollers because they are really easy and I thought these were a super fun way to give your guy his own special collection of rollers. They are on Etsy and will make it in time for Father’s Day if you act fast!

7. Leather Wallet

Cary said a good leather wallet is always a great gift. In the past, we’ve loved the fossil ones. They have such a great variety and seem to hold up really well. I personally love the one below. It comes in two color options, free embossing for their initials or whatever else you want to personalize it with, and the best part is it’s under $50.

8. Beard Trimmer

A guy always needs a good beard trimmer right? Cary actually went and picked this one up yesterday and loves it. It’s a beard and body trimmer so you have the ability to do your neck and any other areas that may need a little freshening up hah! It has great reviews, several different guards and it’s under $50! He said not to waste money on a cheap $20 one because they really don’t do all the things you need. I’m taking his word on that because after all I know nothing about the male maintenance needs.

9. A Manly Diaper Bag

Cary and I definitely have different likes when it comes to diaper bags and we’ve actually been saying we need a new one that will actually accomodate a toddler’s stuff and all things infant. But I think the man deserves his own diaper bag that he doesn’t have to adjust the straps to every time and that isn’t girly.

I included a few different options here depending on the style of your guy!

George Water Resistant Diaper Backpack

QuikSilver Diaper BackPack

Tactical Baby Gear Diaper Backpack

This one is awesome for anyone whose significant other was in the military. It comes in this camo and then a few other solid colors. It’s a splurge but really nice and amazing quality bag.

10. Golf Trunk Organizer

For anyone’s significant other that is a golfer like mine, I think this is an awesome gift and also very practical. I feel like once it gets warm outside, the back of Cary’s truck is full of golf balls, shoes, shirts etc. Such a mess. This is a cheap and easy way to help them keep things organized and easy to find!

what do you think?

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