Health & Fitness with Pregnancy #2

This pregnancy has been very similar yet also very different than my first pregnancy with Teagan. With Teagan, I was really sick the entire pregnancy. Or what I thought was really sick. This pregnancy showed me what really sick meant and honestly it was probably easy in comparison to what a lot of women deal with throughout their entire pregnancy.

With Teagan’s pregnancy, I gained 40 lbs and ate anything I wanted. I gave into every craving. I did eat healthy food as well, but I ate a lot of not so healthy food and I did not work out. I maybe went on a few walks. I vowed if I ever got pregnant again I was going to take better care of myself. Even if my body just naturally gained 40lbs or more again, I wanted to make a conscious effort to do better.

This is for a few reasons. The first being the obvious, I want to be healthy and I want my baby to be healthy. Teagan was perfect but you know what I mean. The second reason is a huge one. I was not one to drop the weight right away. I was breastfeeding and sadly for me I am not one of the lucky ones that breastfeeding works miracles for. My body holds on to a lot of weight while breastfeeding.

It’s really difficult to be in between maternity sizes and your pre-baby size for months and months. I was always very realistic about my weight and always put breastfeeding and the importance of that over everything, including being superficial and caring about a weight on the scale. But I’d be lying if I said I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. I am sure a lot of you reading this can relate to this feeling postpartum.

With Teagan, I was extremely sick the first trimester and had to take Diclegis until a month before her due date. As long as I took it, I was okay. There were even days I didn’t take it at all. This pregnancy was horrendous the first 17-18 weeks. I was on 4 Diclegis pills a day plus Reglan because I had an allergic reaction to Zofran with Teagan so that wasn’t even an option for me. The medicine helped and when I say helped I mean it took me from vomiting 20 times a day to 10 times a day. I also had to get IV fluids to include those yellow banana bags.

Around week 18, it completely stopped. I literally woke up one day and felt like a human being again. For 3 weeks, I only took my medicine several days and it was only one Diclegis pill. Then around week 22, it kicked in full force again out of nowhere and has basically been an on and off switch ever since. I have a great full week and then a horrendous week. I am still on the Diclegis train just not at 4 pills a day.

The first trimester I had no diet or exercise routine whatsoever. My sole goal was to survive. I think oyster crackers and ginger ale is what primarily sustained my body. It wasn’t ideal but at least it was something. When the second trimester started, I was still pretty sick but was able to hold more and more food down if I timed it right.


Diet and Counting Macros


Around week 15-16, I started tracking my macros via the MyFitnessPal app. I would rarely hit my macros but I was at least conscious of what I was putting in my body and trying to eat more balanced.

Since week 18, I have hardcore been tracking and following the app. 1. I want to make sure I am also getting my micronutrients in which are incredibly important. 2. It just keeps me more accountable and keeps me from overindulging in anything.

While I am not a doctor, I will tell you that I did a lot of research on how to follow this while pregnant. During the first trimester, you don’t need any extra calories. During the second trimester, you add anywhere from 150-300 but ask your doctor depending on your specific pregnancy. During the third trimester, you will have added about 300-500 calories…again check with your doctor.

I won’t disclose my exact calorie limits because I don’t want anyone to compare to me. You need to calculate your own specific calories/macros because everyone is different. My percentages per day sit at 40% carb intake, 30% fat intake and 30% protein intake. It was very hard to meet those exactly every day because I just didn’t understand enough about food but I am at the point now where I have an idea of where I can indulge and how to make the rest of my day work.

This is amazing not just during pregnancy but in general if you are trying to live a well-balanced life. It allows me to indulge in just about anything I want without feeling guilty and I can just plan it into my meal plan each day. It is something I plan to continue after pregnancy as well.




Around the same time I started tracking macros, I also started working out. At first it only started with walks around my neighborhood with Teagan. They would total 3 miles and parts of my neighborhood are quite hilly so it was a good work out.

Then I started incorporating in 100 squats per day. Not all at the same time, I’d die. Just randomly throughout the day. I shoot for 10 every hour.

I also use an app called Swork It. I’ve been using it on and off for years but it’s completely free and its great because it has so many different options from yoga, stretching, to strength training. I sometimes do the stretching but mainly focus on the strength training and it’s great because you can pick which area you want to work on. I usually just focus on arms and legs. You can set the length of time you want, it shows you videos of each work out, counts down to the next one, etc. It’s great.

If I can’t get out on a walk with Teagan either because of errands, appointments or weather, I walk on our treadmill for 30 minutes at the highest incline. That ends up being about 1.5 miles but ironically, I burn more calories doing that than the outdoor 3-mile walk.

I also lift weights a few times a week. I just have some random arm work outs I like from Pinterest and rotate those.

I am not doing anything intense or hugely out of my comfort zone but I am always tired and sweaty from every work out so I feel good about what I am doing. While it isn’t a lot, I am remaining active in several ways each day and that’s far more than I did with my first pregnancy. I definitely have more energy and feel better about myself.

My hope is that staying more fit and eating more healthy throughout this pregnancy results in an easier labor, quicker recovery and a better bounce back. Again, I am not focused on my postpartum weight because breastfeeding is #1 priority for me, but I want to feel good about myself sooner than 1 year postpartum. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

As women, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and I hate that. I have never put value on the weight on the scale but I’ll be honest, it’s because I’ve never had to. My entire life I’ve been able to eat whatever I want and my metabolism is crazy fast. Pregnancy is mentally very difficult for me. To watch how rapidly my weight would change between doctor’s appointments was a total mindf*ck for me and that’s just the reality.

At this point, I am up about 9 lbs. I know at 25 weeks pregnant that doesn’t seem like enough but keep in mind that I have spent the better part of this pregnancy connected to the porcelain bowl. I am meeting my calorie intake every day and for the most part spreading those calories evenly amongst my macronutrients. Baby boy is growing perfectly so neither of my doctors are the least bit concerned about my weight at this point.

With Teagan, I gained the majority of my weight in the third trimester. One time I gained 7 pounds in two weeks. My belly with her popped out between 23-26 weeks and then grew rapidly from there which seems to be what’s happening now. I’m hoping to continue staying healthy and active through the end.

If you guys are interested in a What I Eat In a Day post, just let me know. I am very much a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast and lunch but dinner is always a little bit different.


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