About Me

Hi! My name is Jenn. I’m so happy you are here. I currently live in Austin, TX with my amazing husband, our 4 year old daughter and almost 2 year old son. And of course, our chocolate lab.

My time after college was spent working for a defense company in a program management/finance role. I wear two hats of stay at home mom and a work at home mom. I run a team of 1600 with Young Living Essential Oils and it’s a huge passion of mine.

I started this blog when I quit my corporate job in early 2017. I have always had a passion for writing so this blog was started as a way to document the trials and errors of my motherhood journey, the day to day of being a stay at home mom, married life, occasional recipes/craft projects and my never-ending cycle of trying to eat healthy and get in shape. After a long hiatus from this space, my life looks different and so do some of my passions. I still plan to share everything I always have but with some wellness and home design/decor as well.

I believe in sharing honestly and authentically. What is here is my life, no sugar-coating, no need for a persona. I find there to be freedom in imperfection.

I am also an autoimmune warrior as I suffer from Graves’ Disease and I work daily to naturally keep my thyroid healthy. I document this all over on my Instagram as well. I believe it is so important to talk about this as well as share the journey as awareness is key and being an advocate for our own health is so important.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!!