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  • Welcome to the world, Baby Beau! Our lives just got so much brighter with the rainbow that you are. 🌈 This guy made his entrance almost a full week before his due date on 9.23.18 weighing 9lbs, 7oz and 21.25in. You are so loved already 💙 #rainbowbaby
  • 3 9 W E E K S! My app says baby boy is as big as a pumpkin and I’d say that feels about right! 🎃Feels like fall outside today and we are loving it! We had a fun filled day on what could be our last weekend as a family of 3! #39weekspregnant #bumpdate #babywatch
  • Did you know that September is the most birthday filled month of the year? Here’s to hoping our little guy gets the memo so we can celebrate a September birthday. Until then we are going to start celebrating his birthday with these delicious Little Debbie Birthday cakes! Check out the link in my bio to find where you can pick some up in your area! These are such a good little treat! #slowgood #sponsored @thereallittledebbie
  • It’s crazy to think that this time last year there wasn’t even a thought of having a second kid. We were securely on the “one kid forever” train and so soon this little girl is going to be the most incredible big sister. I don’t always understand His timing but I trust it 💕💙 Come meet us baby brother! #38weekspregnant #38weeks4days
  • It’s the final countdown 🎶 Curious how many more of these little bumpdate pictures I’ll be taking. I won’t lie, every hour it changes if I feel ready for our little guy to be here but I do know I’ll miss this bump. Let’s do a little giveaway for fun...I’m due 9/29, when do you think his birthday will be? And what do you think his stats will be? Whoever gets closest gets a $10 Starbucks gift card ☕️👶🏼 #38weekspregnant
  • With school starting and a baby on the way I feel like I never know what to pack for lunches, let alone finding the time to make them which is why I’m so thankful for these @readypacfoods single serve bistro salads. They make packing lunch so quick and easy. And yes, my toddler does love salad just as much as we do! That is definitely something you’ll never hear me complaining about! Ready Pac Foods is hosting a Back-to-School giveaway. There is a new winner selected weekly from 9/4-9/21. Check out @ReadyPacFoods for info on how to enter. #wepackedyoulunch #backtoschool #sponsored
  • 3 7 W E E K S 💙 I won’t lie... this picture cracks me up. It legit looks like I stole a watermelon and am smuggling it around with me! I can’t believe we are technically “full term” now and he could make his appearance any day now. This pregnancy has flown by and as hard as some parts have been so challenging and scary, I’ve tried to soak it all in and I am so grateful. So dang grateful the Lord has blessed us with the ability to grow our family. I will never take this for granted. 
I’m still feeling pretty good besides all the crazy nightly contractions. Still haven’t packed our hospital bags but most of baby boy’s clothes are washed, folded and put away so I’m giving myself a pat on the back for that. Small wins!
We still need to get a personalized swaddle, any recommendations for good shops? Tag them in the comments please! I need to get on that ASAP! 🤗 #37weekspregnant #bumpdate
  • This little gal started preschool this week and as a treat we decided to grab Wendy’s to have a little extra time to spend together at the end of the day! I love that Wendy’s offers so many better kid options (fresh berries as a side option) including @ShamrockFarmsMilk to get a little extra goodness into her diet. They provide fresh and nutritious milk that has 7g of protein for my growing little gal 💪🏼 #sponsored @shamrockfarmsmilk @wendys